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About Kirsteen

Kirsteen was born in Glasgow, Scotland, raised in Canada, and lived in Brazil for a spell. She now writes and teaches yoga in Katarokwi—Kingston, Ont.

She is the author of two books, In Praise of Retreat (memoir/nonfiction, 2021), and The Animal Game (short stories, 2016). Her work, published widely in literary journals, has been a finalist for awards that include the CBC Literary Award for Poetry and the CBC Literary Award for creative nonfiction, and Arc Poetry’s Poem of the Year.

Kirsteen has practiced and taught yoga for more than thirty years. She completed a two-year training in the Feldenkrais Method, and became certified to teach ‘Awareness Through Movement’ lessons in 2023.

Her passion for yoga and movement is often reflected in her writing,. She divides her time between her lakeside city and a small cabin by the river in the north woods.

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