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Selected Publications


Essays and Articles

Kingston Life:

March/April 2023
"Dreaming of Seeds: Awaiting the arrival of spring"
 page 34

Jan/Feb 2023 - "Shelter from the Storm: Reflecting on a first Kingston winter" page 44

Nov/Dec 2022 - "When the Wild Winds Blow: An ode to late autumn" page 52

September 2022 - "Neighbours to the Lake: Exploring our deep connections with blue space" page 48 

Toronto Star:

"What the pandemic has to teach us about cultivating a comfortable solitude, Toronto Star


Writing Workshops

I teach workshops -- on writing, and on combined writing and movement -- for small groups and for literary festivals, including Kingston Writersfest:

"Kirsteen MacLeod is a writer and yoga teacher who often combines her two passions, tapping yoga’s power for creative inspiration in her work and teaching others how yoga sparks more relaxed, effortless and imaginative writing."


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